How to enter

ENTRY DEADLINE - MIDNIGHT on 23rd January 2015

If you would like to enter your company for one of the ISV or Solution Provider categories or put forward your hardware or software vendor, service provider or distributor for one of the Supplier categories in the European IT & Software Excellence Awards, we initially need you to create a simple login with your name, e-mail address and a password. This will give you instant access to the entry forms.

Your login will allow future access to retrieve/edit your submission right up to the deadline day.

Please Register here

Once logged in you will see an additional menu in the lower left hand column, from which you can select either of the Solution Provider, ISV or Supplier entry forms.


NOTE: Supplier nominations must be submitted by Solution Vars, Systems Integrators or ISVs, not the supplier.

When you wish to return to your entry, LOG IN HERE to display these menu items.
You may then view and edit your entry right up to the entry deadline of 23rd January 2015.

Finalists will be notified by 6th February 2015. 


Making a winning entry:

The following guidelines should help you put together a strong entry for whichever category you choose.

1. Each section of the entry form describes what the judges want hear. Please try and follow the format as it helps the judges evaluate the solution properly.

2. Be concise. The judges have a lot of entries to read through in a very short time. Try and use the number of words indicated in each section of the form. The form will allow as many words as you want to write but think carefully and don't waffle.

3. Don't just cut and paste case studies. Case studies tend to have lots of fluffy marketing words that don't mean anything in this context. Edit your case studies to answer the questions in each section, in that way you will pull out the key points for the judges.

4. The judges are not looking for the cleverest solution. They are looking for ones that deliver what the customer wanted and especially solutions that exceeded the customer expectation.

5. Size doesn't matter. A good solution doesn't have to be large scale. Many of the finalists and winners in the past have entered solutions for quite small clients. The reason they got to the finals was that their solution had a major impact on the organisation.

6. The judges are keen to see how you implemented the solution. Involve your Pre-sales people in describing the implementation. They are often the ones who have the passion about what they achieved. They can give the detail of how you overcame obstacles or tailored the solution to meet and exceed the client requirements.

7. Make sure you have an end user endorsement for the Solution Provider and ISV categories. Entries will not be accepted if they are not accompanied by the end user letter or email. It is key however to make sure the customer letter says what it was the solution did for them. Not just a 'well done' note.

8. Don't rush your entry. Take the time to reread and pass around within the business. Well crafted words do help.

9. If you have any queries on how to enter please email He is very willing to give advice on content and structure of entries.