ISV Categories

The following categories are designed to allow ISVs and software developers to show their skill in delivering business applications for their customers. The judges will be looking for entries that show a real understanding of the customer’s requirements and the ability to deliver software to specification and time scale while meeting or exceeding agreed customer targets.

Entries will have to describe a particular solution for a client and focus on how the application met their needs. These categories are NOT to be seen as software product awards. They are about real world customer solutions.

ERP/CRM/Relationship Solution

This category recognizes the best software solution designed to expand a company's knowledge and relationships with its suppliers, partners, and current or potential customers. This includes CRM, ERP, marketing automation, products and services.

The judges will be looking for innovation in the way the software solution is designed around the organisations operations or transforms those operations.

Information & Document Management

Recording, cataloguing, managing, reporting and integrating this information into real business systems is a major issue for all businesses. This award category looks at software solutions that help businesses manage digital information through its lifecycle, including backup, auditing and compliance. The judges are looking for real world examples for particular customers.

Big Data Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution

As organisations struggle to keep up the with the vast amount of data they are collecting from many sources they are looking to the software industry to help them understand their business better and make more informed decisions. This category is for Big Data Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions that have enabled businesses to gain an advantage from understanding and capitalising on the information they already possess in the organisation.

Connected/Mobility Application Solution

Communications and mobility are changing the way organisations and individuals work and interact. Underpinning this communications revolution are software applications that help service providers to deliver and bill these services, organisations to mobilise their work force and individuals to access their critical applications wherever they are located. This award is looking for the most innovative communications, IOT, m2m or mobility software solution across any industry sector.

Vertical Market Solution

Organisations across all industry and government sectors have benefited over the years from software applications specifically tailored to the needs of their business. Solutions in this category must be innovative and have given the customer a business advantage in their sector.

The software provider must show their understanding of the industry sector and how they have tailored the software to match its characteristics.

Government/Utilities Solution

Almost half of all IT solutions across Europe are implemented within local and central government as well as government agencies. This category recognises the great work done by software companies on behalf of their government clients.

The judges will be looking for solutions particularly tailored to meet the demands of the local or central government department or agency.

SaaS Solution

With more and more software applications being delivered using aSoftware as a Service business model, this award category is designed to recognise ISVs who have most successfully adopted the SaaS model. ISVs should describe a solution for one of their customers and how it transformed their business.

Software Innovation Solution of the Year

The software community is recognised as a leading innovative industry and at the forefront of our new digital economy. This final category in the ISV section is for software solutions that are particularly innovative in the way they address the customer’s issues or use leading edge technology to give their customer a business advantage.

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