Solution Provider Categories

The following categories are designed to allow Integrators and Solution VARs to show their skill in delivering business solutions for their customers. The judges will be looking for entries that show a real understanding of the customer’s requirements and the ability to deliver solutions to specification and time scale while meeting or exceeding agreed goals.

SME Solution of the Year

The SMB category recognises IT solutions provided to organisations with less than 250 employees. The judges will be looking for solutions that have transformed the business. This could be by enabling a different go to market strategy, completely redesigning their processes and operations or even enabling them to move into another business sector.

The judges will be looking to see how the solution provider engaged with their customer to understand what they wanted to achieve, what advice they gave as to what was possible, how they implemented the solution and most importantly what were the results.

Enterprise Solution of the Year

This category recognises solutions for larger organisations that have transformed their operations, process or go to market strategy.

In particular the judges will be looking for the skill the solutions provider has shown throughout the whole project from initial discussions through to completion.

It is important to highlight how the solution provider engaged with their customer to understand what they wanted to achieve, what advice they gave as to what was possible, how they implemented the solution and most importantly what were the results.

Datacentre Solution of the Year

Datacentres are at the heart of many organisations, and their provision and management is a major IT task.

This category is designed for solution providers who have redesigned a customer data centre or implemented a new technology within a datacentre. The judges will be looking not just at how well the solution was implemented but also at the effect it has had on the operations of the customer.

Vertical Solution of the Year

A large number of solutions nowadays are termed 'vertical' because they are designed to support an organisation that operates in a specific market segment.

This category recognises the way that solution providers have to understand the peculiarities of a specific market segment to design solutions that will improve the operations of their customer.

In particular the judges will be looking at how well the solution provider understood the special characteristics of the client’s industry and how they tailored the solution to meet those requirements.

Public Sector and Utilities Solution of the Year

Almost half of all IT solutions across Europe are implemented within local and central government as well as government agencies. This category recognises the great work done by the channel on behalf of their government clients.

The judges will be looking for solutions particularly tailored to meet the demands of the local or central government department or agency.

Managed Service Solution of the Year

Many solutions today are delivered as a managed service so this award recognises excellence in these managed services.

The managed service could range from a Managed Support Service, where the solution provider is supporting IT infrastructure and applications as a complete managed service, to any hosted or Cloud based IT service that delivers a complete solution as a managed service instead of on-premise based solution.

The judges will be looking for how the solution meets the needs of the customer and how the service level agreements are monitored and guaranteed.

Connected/Mobility Solution of the Year

Mobility is one of the strongest factors driving the deployment of IT in organisations. This award category recognises how the solution provider has helped a larger organisation to empower their mobile workforce. The judges will particularly focus on the scalability of the project and how the solution provider design, planned and implemented the solution. It can also include solutions based on IOT/m2m.

Storage/Information Management Solution of the Year

Organisations of all sizes now handle huge amounts of data on a regular basis. This can be everything from email messages to large scale content including video and multi-media.

This award category recognises solutions that improve the creation, management, storage and availability of this content.

In particular the judges will be looking for solutions that have had a major impact on the organisations ability to handle current levels and the anticipated growth.

Big Data, IoT or Analytics Solution of the Year

Big Data is the hot topic at all levels of the IT industry as organisations struggle to manage the huge amounts of data coming from multiple sources. This award recognises solutions that enable organisations of any size to harness their to maximise the potential of the knowledge contained within it to improve their operations and customer relationships.

Security Solution of the Year

From data centre attacks to the organisation of BYOD in the enterprise, security is becoming a market which calls for in-depth understanding of technology as well as an ability to integrate existing systems and work practices. This award recognises skills in creating and delivering effective security in a way that the client can have confidence in it.

Customer Experience/Management Solution of the Year

Increasingly, business solutions have to match users' expectations on ease of use and interfaces while reporting on how users are working is a vital part of management. These two parts of the customer experience make a real difference to the success of an IT implementation; we are looking for where user solutions have delivered that change.

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